Things To Remember Before House Viewings

Things To Remember Before House Viewings

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    When selling your property, it is crucial that you are presenting it in the most positive light. A potential buyers’ first impressions are made during home viewings, so by ensuring that your home is looking presentable and by showcasing its full potential, you’re more likely to sell it faster than if you left it down to chance.

    Continue reading this blog for our advice on what to remember before house viewings. You may have thought about the usual dusting and hoovering, but your viewers will also be taking notice of the smaller details such as the ceiling quality and clutter. If you want this to be a rapid process that runs smoothly, you must take extra consideration of how your property is going to look at first glance. Here’s what to remember for each room:

    Living Room

    The living room is usually the most used room in the house. Because of this, ensuring that the space is being utilised as best as it can is vital. You want to showcase the room’s potential; declutter the room, add items of unnecessary furniture to your storage unit and simply leave the room spacious, but also homely.

    It’s tough to find a middle ground in this situation. You don’t want random clutter taking over the floor space, but you also want to decorate the sofas with throws and cushions, as well as have decorative pieces on the sideboards so that the viewers can get a good idea of how they can dress the room if it was theirs.


    Firstly, ensure that dishes and workspaces are clean. You want your home to look lived in, but also looked after. Make sure that you’ve packed away any unnecessary appliances, as well as taken care of your rubbish if it’s visible. Also, as your kitchen is highly used, try and refrain from cooking before viewings and if unavoidable, make sure that the room is aired out prior so that cooking smells aren’t lingering.

    Lighting a refreshing candle, propping some fresh flowers on the windowsill and decorating the shelves with cookbooks and pretty crockery is the ideal way to present your kitchen. If grime has built up over time, make sure that you have cleaned it away, no matter where it is. Your viewers are going to be extra picky so be aware that they might catch that limescale on the tap from a mile off.


    The bathroom is seen as a place of calm and content. If you have extra toilet rolls lingering on the floor, as well as a bath screen with watermarks covering it, you’re going to take away the attention to the clean space that is meant to be kept tidy due to it being so small.

    Ensure that all bathroom appliances are cleaned from limescale and water stains. If you have windows, make sure they are letting in as much light as possible and light a very soothing candle for a nice relaxing ambiance. In terms of your shower products, try and store them away for the viewing.


    Depending on the size of your bedrooms and what you’re using them for will determine how well you can represent these rooms. We recommend that you dress the bed beautifully with fresh bed sheets, cushions and a matching throw. The bedroom floor is looking spacious, and the room as a whole is looking inviting and a place of relaxation. 

    If your home holds a child’s bedroom, make sure that their toys are stored away, and if you have a storage room, this doesn’t have to be cleared out. As long as you are storing the boxes and items efficiently and in a well-presented manner, the prospective buyers will still be able to get a good feel of the space.


    The garden, although you may feel is not a priority, should be; it can actually add a whopping 20% on top of your selling price with the right features. Because of this, ensuring that it looks appealing is a must. If you have several weeds, overgrown grass and a shed that’s withering away, this isn’t exactly inviting. 

    Do some gardening before you begin scheduling viewings; this way, if they have a dog or children and feel that a garden is a crucial aspect of their new home, they will be presented with a well-tamed area that they won’t have to worry about as soon as they move in.

    We hope that we have given you some guidance on things to remember before house viewings. We want to ensure that you’re giving yourselves the best chances at selling your home, in the fastest time possible. By setting a standard of your home as soon as viewers enter, they will be able to envision themselves in this homely and presentable space, as opposed to a space that needs a lot of work and imagination in its potential. 

    Not only that, but you have the potential of adding value to your property if the viewers believe that your home is worth more than you have listed it on. We understand that your home is lived in and no show home, but by taking into consideration how you’d want to instantly feel when entering your future home, it would be no less than a positive experience. Property viewing is a vital stage of any home sale, and so it’s imperative that you get it right.

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