The Housing Industry Is Back In Business

The Housing Industry Is Back In Business

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    The housing industry has been given the all-clear to proceed in its operations now that the government has put lenience on the lockdown rules. Since the beginning of the lockdown, like several other industries, the housing sector has been in frozen mode. However, now, it has been said that estate agents can reopen, viewings can start to retake place and removal services, as well as conveyancers, can begin to operate.

    This is very much on the terms of social distancing. With the right precautions set in place, as well as PPE, the housing sector is able to resume practices. With a whopping 450,000 buyers and renters whose plans were put on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, adding up to a whopping £82b, this is brilliant news.

    Continue reading this post for the full details of what’s to come over the next few months for the housing industry, as well as further information on how we’re taking extra measures to stay in practise while also keeping you, our supporting parties and us safe.

    The Resuming of The Housing Sector

    As a priority, those whose house moves were put on hold will resume activity, as well as anyone who is looking to do the same. Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick has said that moving homes will continue, however with safety measures put in place that cover every aspect, from the viewings to the removals.

    With this being said, England’s housing industry can begin to recover from this very dry patch that left the property market dropping drastically during the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland’s housing industry is not resuming practises, due to home viewings being prohibited by their lockdown rules. This has left the supporting services either reducing their duties or completely ceasing transactions.

    For England, this is the first step in resuming all housing sectors. Due to the nature of the lockdown, it won’t come as a surprise that moving home is more appealing than ever for those who have been cooped up inside the same four walls for weeks on end. This has been proven by the property websites having over a fifth of traffic increase.

    It is expected that due to the financial impact that the pandemic has had, potential buyers will probably be looking to haggle prices even more so. Certain features of a home will be a lot more appealing too; with large gardens and spare bedrooms which can be converted into an at-home office being only two examples.

    Even though house moving is in the process of resuming, those who are in quarantine or self-isolating mustn’t pursue a home move, even if they are in the middle of one.

    For guidance on how extra precautions will be taken, virtual viewings will be highly popular, as opposed to visiting the property. Also, online valuations will be another excellent resource for those looking to sell. In terms of the rest of the process, it can be done digitally so that buyers and those needed to pursue a sale are kept safe.

    Also, those working in the building and construction sector for homes are looking to fully resume their practises, even if tasks need to be taken care of in already-occupied housing, providing they adhere to social distancing rules. 

    How We Are Going To Begin Operating

    Here at Online Estate Agents, we are aware of the current scheme set in place for the property sector. Because of this, we are taking every further measure to ensure that we are putting our clients, ourselves and supporting parties out of harm’s way. However, we always pride ourselves in offering an estate agency service that bares little to no risks.

    Being fully digital, our whole processes, from the valuation through to the progressor completing the home exchange is done entirely online, and what’s better, you can keep up with its progress through your own portal. This portal puts you at the forefront of viewing bookings, offers and even all contact with potential buyers.

    You can be as involved or as little involved as you’d prefer. We have three packages so there is a solution for all situations. Visit our website for further information on all three packages.

    How involved you want to be in your home sale will be subject to which package you choose. Each of our packages does share similar features such as a dedicated sales negotiator and progressor, as well as our consistent support. Head over to our website for further information on how our processes work in real estate, as well as how we can give you the best chances at selling your home, as well as finding your dream property.

    The housing industry is back in business, and so, its time that we all work together to support our economy within the property sector.

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