Our Top House Selling Tips For Parents

Our Top House Selling Tips For Parents

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    One thing that’s scarier than selling your home is selling your home while you have small children running around, as well as another on the way. One thing is for sure, you want to be out of your current house as soon as possible and into a new property that probably bares more space and a fresh environment for you and your newborn to enjoy. 

    Well, this doesn’t have to be a scary process, but an exciting one rather. With the help of us here at Online Estate Agents, as well as by taking on the advice in this blog, you will be able to achieve your home sale sooner rather than later. Continue reading for our top house selling tips for parents, and you will start house-hunting in no time. 

    Know Your Audience

    Our first top house selling tip for parents is knowing who you’re selling to. The team here at Online Estate Agents will provide you with the resources and expertise in order to accomplish your house sale within good time and for the best price possible. We make it our mission to provide you with a service that ensures your transition is stress-free and smooth for you and your family.

    With your own online portal, you can stay vigilant on our processes, and with our three inclusive packages, you are given a service fit for your liking. 

    To begin any house sale, we must determine who your buyers are. So, ask yourselves, what made your house ideal for your lifestyle back then? How have you changed it since? What features stood out to you on first glance? Ask yourself these question because your prospective buyers are essentially you, back then. By answering them, you will know what to prioritise, as well as what to make more apparent for achieving the best and fastest sale. 

    If you feel that your home is most likely going to appeal to single professionals, which you were too when buying this property, then you’ll need to ensure that you’re making it appealing for that category of people.

    Time to Declutter

    By decluttering your home, you will ensure that your potential buyers see a spacious home that isn’t being taken over by toys and playpens. Now that you’re a family, you’ve got to adapt for this process so that you don’t compromise your house sale. Your buyers want to aspire fo this lifestyle, and if they don’t have kids, maybe toy dinosaurs dotted all over the sofa isn’t the right impression.

    By having plump sofas with matching cushions in an orderly fashion dotted along them, as well as a matching blanket draped over the back, you are showing luxury. It’s time that you go through every cupboard, shelf and drawer to clear anything that you no longer use or need. We all accumulate these things, but by ridding your home of them, your home will be a lot more appealing to your viewers. 

    If worst comes to worst, ask family members or friends to take hold of your bigger possessions such as car seats, prams and baby apparatus or hire out a storage unit while you have viewings and go through the house buying process. 

    Work Together

    For professional photos and for the best outcome from viewings when people enter your clear, luxury place, you must work together as a family to keep your home in good condition. We understand that you still need to live and function in this home, so asking your kids to only keep out a select few of their favourite toys and books will help keep your clutter under control. 

    If you’re the woman of the house, the cleaning may be your job. But, that doesn’t mean that your partner can’t get involved by scenting the house with air fresheners, ensuring that all rooms are tidy and taking care of the kids while you do the last touches before potential buyers come in to view your property.

    By decluttering, cleaning and adding last-minute touches such as opening the curtains as the sun shines through can all have the potential to blow away viewers, as well as give you a sense of calm. This is already known to be a stressful process, so by making your life as easy as possible with home improvements, you won’t have to rush around on the day that people turn up.

    Open House

    However, we do understand that while having kids under your arms and a whole house to maintain for several visits is hard, so maybe an open house will suit you better. By organising an open-house with us, we can take the reigns on the day and ensure that everyone is acquiring the information that they need while you go away for the day or weekend with the family. 

    This is a much easier way to showcase your home in its glory while prospective purchasers take a look around.

    Small Steps

    We understand that all of this is easier said than done, so why not take each step at a time? To avoid feeling overwhelmed, start with decluttering small areas of the house, such as the bathroom and see how much you can achieve in just 10 minutes. Then, get the whole family to chip in and do their part; the kids can see what toys they don’t want anymore, and your partner can sort out the garage.

    Once the entire house is complete, we guarantee that you will feel a sense of clarity, and you will also feel prepared for this big venture. 

    Have our top selling tips for parents given you a hand? Here at Online Estate Agents, we endeavour to help our clients feel at ease during the entire house selling process, no matter their situation. Continue exploring our site for a more in-depth insight into how our real estate agent services assist all types of sellers. 

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