Want to sell by Christmas?

4 Oct 2019

October deadline looms – and it’s not just about Brexit!

It may seem a tall order in the current economic climate but get your home on the market now and you could have a buyer by Christmas.

Research shows that properties listed in late autumn often prove slower to shift and experts advise not to wait until after Brexit on October 31st if you plan to move soon.

According to the Homeowners’ Alliance, over the past four years, residential properties listed online this month take an average 61 days to sell. So vendors who want a sale agreed sale this side of Christmas should be looking at October 21st to get their home seen online.

5 top tips to help you sell:

Get your home sale ready

Kerb appeal is king and with Brexit uncertainty dragging on only the best houses will sell. Make sure yours looks its best as winter approaches by carefully staging your home for viewings. Your home should look well kept and tidy from the outside. Inside add light with lamps, candles and mirrors. The right ambience will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add substantially to its value. 


Choose the right estate agent

Look for someone who both gives informed, realistic advice and who also listens. Online Estate Agents are expert online marketing partners, achieving sales right across The Midlands to the North of England. Our locally based property experts have their ear to the ground on valuations in every area we cover, as well as understanding exactly how buyers find properties. They will also steer you to the ideal solution among a raft of options, from online to hybrid and traditional services for selling your home online at a fair price.

Be price savvy

Getting the valuation right is one of the trickiest decisions when selling your home and different estate agents will suggest different figures, so you will need to obtain at least two opinions. Too high and you won’t attract viewings; too low and you’ll miss out on your home’s true worth. A good agent will know what homes are selling for in your area and also who’s searching for them. Conduct your own research too with online valuations and by checking recent Land Registry sales. 

Appoint a legal expert

Instruct a conveyancing solicitor early and start pulling paperwork together now to support a quick sale. It’s a good idea to shop around and have a solicitor or conveyancing specialist in place at the time you choose the estate agent. Agree fees from the outset, but only instruct them to start work after you have a formal offer.

Optimise viewings 

Ensure your home is clean and tidy for every viewing, no matter how rushed you are. Let your estate agent take the lead in tackling any complicated questions, but monitor what they’re saying to ensure they’re doing the best by you and your home. 

And if you can’t make it to market by October 21st all is not lost. Surprisingly the New Year is a prime time to sell for speedy completions. 

For expert advice on putting your property on the market and homes for sale online contact low cost estate agents Online Estate Agents on 0330 1244 786.

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