Peace of mind this Christmas

6 Dec 2019

Top tips to safeguard your property throughout the festive season

Wherever you’re a homeowner, landlord or tenant, Christmas often means visiting loved ones while leaving your home unattended. 


No one wants to be broken in to but it can be particularly devastating at Christmas time, whether you’re away on holiday, or just for the day itself. These top tips from will help prevent a potential break-in and ensure a happy New Year.


Look as if you’re in 

Timed switches for lighting are a good place to start, although ensure they come on sporadically and not at the same point every day.  

Keep curtains closed, hide any washing racks or other indicators you’ve not been home for a while and cancel newspaper or milk deliveries, as these are clear signs you’re away.  Keeping a car parked in the drive can help.


Lock away your valuables

If you are going away, lock valuable items well away or in the least obvious hiding places out of harm’s reach. 


Step-up security

Upgrading your security system and alarms is always money well spent. Video doorbells and security cameras accessible via your smartphone are cost-effective options that bring can bring added peace of mind 

Even security lights with motion sensors can be enough to discourage potential break-ins. Double-check yours are in working order. If you don’t have them, they can be an affordable addition to your home security set up.  


Don’t forget the garage

There’s no point in protecting your home if the garage is a weak link. It’s often the first place a burglar will try and many people neglect to secure it, providing an easy route into your home, or the items stored there.


Don’t hide a key

This applies all year round but you may be lulled into a false sense of security in the season of goodwill. Don’t be tempted to stash a spare key outside in case of emergencies. If you’re visiting family leave one with neighbours instead.   


Keep your tree out of sight

It’s tempting to put your tree and the presents beneath in the window for all to see the festive scene. But this will simple promote the valuable goods inside. Keep your tree and presents under wraps and out of view.   


Don’t broadcast your absence

Don’t broadcast your Christmas getaway on social media to broadcast them to the world, thereby leaving you open to a break-in. Upload later when you’re safely back home. 


Locks and keys

Before you leave, double-check every window and door is locked and that no keys can be reached through the letterbox or a vulnerable side window.   


Check plugs and pipes

Crime is not the only thing that can ruin Christmas. Reduce the risk of fires by turning off everything but the fridge freezer if necessary.

Set your boiler to come on sporadically while you’re away to avoid burst pipes or flooding and at the same time that pipes are insulated and with no cracks that can be made worse by freezing conditions. 


Check your insurance

Be insured for every eventuality; in particular for any exclusions that could render your policy void if, for instance, you are away for more than a certain number of days. Other factors could also affect cover, such as allowing someone access to look after pets, or a non-family member staying in your home while you are away. 

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