How To Present Your Home Ready For Selling

How To Present Your Home Ready For Selling

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    Have you just been given the unexpected news that you’ve got a mini-you on the way? A baby, wow, that’s exciting news! However, what about your home? You were in the midst of selling your place to then find another property that is more suitable for settling down in. And what is usually a lengthy process needs to be sped up for the arrival of your baby.

    Do not fear- it is far from impossible to have your current home sold in good time so that you can settle into your new home well ahead of the due date. Here at Online Estate Agents, we can assist you during your house move, as well as provide you with the support and advice that you need to ensure that it is a smooth transition. 

    We understand that with your current circumstances, you need a service that delivers in good time, and that is a challenge that we won’t shy away from. To ensure that the process flows smoothly, the Online Estate Agents experience guarantees results with minimal stress for you as new parents. 

    We have your best interests at heart, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need the support from you too. Continue reading for how we can help you to sell your home, as well as how to present your home ready for selling.

    How Our Processes Work

    To ensure that we sell your property rapidly, we must get to know your buyer market. But, what most homeowners forget is that the ideal buyer in which we need to approach and target is them! Who were you when you first bought your property? Because that’s who we need to be focusing on! People in the same situation; whether that’s new buyers who are just happy to have the keys to their own home, or a second place that provides a little more room, but not enough for an entire family.

    Ask yourself, what first attracted you to your home? What made it the ideal home for you to buy? How have your needs changed since you first moved in? All of these questions will allow us to determine our selling points, as well as target similar buyers who are looking for the same features.

    Now that life has given you a partner who moved in after 12 months, a new job, and even a new baby that you weren’t expecting so soon, you have probably grown out of your home. Whether it’s too small or it isn’t ideal for a newborn, it’s ok to evolve and find a home to suit your needs, even if it is a little emotional saying goodbye to your first place.

    In order for us to help you, you must offer us the same helping hand back. See below for what we recommend when presenting your home ready for selling:

    Carry out a major declutter

    Over the years, everybody accumulates clutter that they’re either too busy to get rid of or cannot bring themselves to part ways with. If this is you, now is the time to have a major clear out. By ridding yourself of the clutter, you will not only feel refreshed, but your marketing imagery will look a lot more enticing for potential buyers who will only see a clear and neat space. Depersonalisation is also vital for the photos to make a visual impact.

    Those stacks of DVD’s, games consoles that are only collecting dust on the spare bedroom floor and many shoe-boxes which hold who knows what need to go. You want to inspire prospective buyers to offer a fantastic deal, as opposed to deterring their eyes when your place looks half the size due to the junk lying around. Be ruthless; you will only feel rejuvenated and rewarded long-term. 

    Don’t forget, influencers such as Marie Kondo are declutter genius’ who can help you during this task which nobody enjoys doing. By getting your home ready ahead of the viewings, you will give visitors the best first impression of your home, as well as give them an accurate representation of the space that your home offers.

    It’s time to get stylish

    Not only is decluttering vital for the best photos but so is presenting your home well. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you want to see? When visiting show homes, for instance, they are dressed modernly, but while still looking cosy and appealing. By creating an aspirational place that visitors will instantly be enticed to live in, you are already one step closer to selling your home.

    Maximise your floor space; everybody loves storage because it keeps their home tidy and presentable. If you have a sofa bed in your spare room, ensure that you set it up so that buyers can see that there is enough room in there when guests want to stay. You want prospective buyers to continuously tick off their must-have list almost instantly for your best chances at selling your property.

    Remember, those DIY jobs that you have been putting off will need to get done too. Fix those leaks, refresh your bathroom’s grout and paint that wall which has been stained for how many years now. Then, the final touches can commence. Invest in gorgeous bed linen, curtains that showcase the natural lighting that your home gives and clean before each viewing. 

    Also, take notice of what is on your walls. Is your wall art easily susceptible? Will those viewing not understand your humour with that quote hanging in your kitchen? All of these little elements can sway a person’s opinion. Subconsciously, they are picturing themselves living in your home and wondering whether this is the type of life that they want for themselves.

    Prop up imagery that represents your home in a positive light; art pieces that compliment the room’s accent colours, for instance. You need to sell them the dream; the dream lifestyle that they are searching for. So, recreate those show homes even if it feels unnatural to you, and in no time, you will be exchanging contracts.

    As a top tip, head over to your nearest new home development’s and check out how they have decorated their house builder show homes; this can give you inspiration for what is appealing to potential buyers at this moment in time.

    Are you all clued up on how to present your home ready for selling? With the support of our helpful and happy team here at Online Estate Agents, moving house doesn’t have to be a timely and tedious process. Let us take the reigns and assist you on this significant transition within the property market, and you will be settled in your new home ready for the arrival of your little one in no time. Explore the rest of our website for further information.

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