Encouraging Buyers To Love Your Home

Encouraging Buyers To Love Your Home

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    Do you believe in love at first sight? Because we sure do! Whether that’s with a significant other, or more importantly, with a home. That’s right- we’ve all been there or are going to be there. You step into that entrance way and automatically, you can picture your life in those four walls. It feels right, and that for us is definitely love at first sight.

    You may think that this sounds ridiculous, but it isn’t unknown that potential buyers viewing a property can feel an immediate sense of home. And no wonder because with buying a home, comes many emotions. It’s such a big decision and investment that you want to get entirely right, so if you’re not feeling that instant ‘at home’ feeling, maybe it isn’t right.

    Continue reading for our top tips on encouraging buyers to love your home as soon as they walk through the door.

    A House is a Home

    A home is where people feel most comfortable, happy and content, so if you’re looking to sell yours, don’t you want them to feel this instantly when they walk through the doors? If your home isn’t as appealing as Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, do not worry because tomb raider will have nothing on your home when you’re done with it- well, maybe more rocks.

    Have you ever heard of the primacy effect? This theory lies within the mind gripping onto the first thing that it sees- whether that’s on a list or when you look at a picture, the element that you remember was the first thing that you saw. Like with a picture, the first thing that your prospective buyers are going to see is what they will take away with them after they have finished viewing your property.

    By giving them that instant feeling of home, you are adhering to the primary effect. So, you must begin at the entrance of the house; spruce up your hallway with some fresh flowers, clean the mirror and hoover the stairs. Even light a candle prior to visits so that as soon as someone walks in, they smell deliciousness.

    What about outside? Does your doorbell work? Does your gate open easily? Are your paths dirty? Do you need to cut the grass? You need to be making a great impression as soon as they pull up in their car outside. A great tip would be to brighten up the front of the house; with hanging baskets, flowers and maybe even a seasonal reef hanging on your front door, it’ll make your home look a treat.

    Declutter Your Home

    Ensure that every room is clutter-free and clean; kids toys are put away, the cat’s litter has been changed recently, and the garage looks as spacious as it is. We love storage, so by investing in some temporary storage solutions such as a basket to host your magazines and blankets, that’s your living room already cleared.

    It’s Time to Do It Yourself

    One thing that most home sellers forget is those odd jobs that they might have forgotten about, but those potential home-buyers that are using x-ray vision will notice as soon as they enter the premises.

    Is your bodge paint job noticeable? Does that grout need refreshing in the bathroom? Ensure that all of these odds and ends are tied so that the viewers can’t nitpick the little things as soon as they enter your home.

    The Finishing Touches

    Like previously mentioned, a waft of a lovely scent is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. While walking into a pleasant scent is the perfect way to enter a building, your finishing touches don’t have to end there. Get your bake on so that your home is filled with the scent of cookies, decorate areas with fresh flowers and light your fire if its chilly outside. All of these extra touches go a long way.

    Have our top tips on encouraging buyers to love your home given you some guidance? First impressions are everything when selling a home- a little bit of TLC never hurt anyone, and if it means that these old home-selling tricks deliver you with a quicker home sell, as well as one with an even better deal than expected, all of this effort will pay off.

    After all, soon you will be falling in love all over again with your potential new home so let’s share the love.

    If you need any other guidance on selling your home, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Online Estate Agents via our website. We provide all of our clients with an inclusive service that gives home sellers the best chances at selling their property as quickly as possible and for the best price possible.

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