Guide to Selling your Home

A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Your Home

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    When we think of selling our homes, our immediate response is stress, impatience and feeling overwhelmed. But, this doesn’t have to be the case; instead, we should feel excited, refreshed and curious about what’s to come. Here at Online Estate Agents, we support each and every client through their house moves, and by support, we mean that we ensure that the process is as smooth and easy as possible for them.
    We help you to save money, be on top of the game with your prospective buyers while they book in viewings or ask  questions and give you the choice of how much inclusion you have.
    Therefore, keeping it as stress-free and easy as possible for you and your buyer. Do you want to know how exactly? Continue reading this article for our step-by-step guide to selling your home and how we can assist you through this lengthy but rewarding process. This will give you the reassurance that you need during such a significant transition, as well as help you to decide for yourself on whether we are the right fit for your house move.

    1. Decisions, Decisions

    Firstly, we need to find out what it is you’re looking for in your new home. Do you need a bigger space to live in? Are you looking to downsize now that your children have moved out? Or are you just looking to relocate for family reasons? Whatever the reason, we will do the utmost in ensuring that you are able to purchase a place right for you.
    To start, we need to talk numbers. You’ll need to tally up a budget; how much is your current home worth, how much is left on your mortgage, is there an early redemption on the mortgage, how much do you want to spend on a new property and how much will you need to cover sale, removal and the other various house move costs.
    Now that you have this estimation, its time to decide on what agent will work best for your house move. Here at Online Estate Agents, we allocate you a property expert that will provide you with a free house valuation, as well as give you their expertise on hows best to sell your home and offer you full support during the entire process.

    2. Selling Your Property

    The home selling process begins with the agent. You’ll need to choose an agent that knows
    their stuff, who will give you a realistic and accurate valuation, and who will provide you with an
    effective strategy for selling your home. You don’t want to risk receiving next to no offers by setting your asking price too high, while you also don’t want to lose out on profit due to setting your asking price too low.
    The price that you set determines your plans, how quickly you will sell your home and the local market conditions as of present. By choosing a reliable estate agent like ourselves, we will outline our fees in detail so that you are fully clued up on what you’re paying for.
    We, like you, want your home to sell rapidly, but also for the best price possible. Our fees are fixed, but there are three packages that you can choose from. Our ‘Pay As You Go’ package allows you to pay on a monthly basis. Then, we have our ‘Essential Home Selling’ package which involves an upfront one-off costLastly, our ‘Premium Package’ is price guaranteed; if you don’t make a sale, we don’t get paid. This price will be negotiated after the sale. Our three services are designed for the three types of clients that we are approached with, meaning there is always a package to meet your needs.
    All three of our packages include a free valuation, professional photos and description to support your listing on Rightmove, Zoopla and our website, as well as a dedicated sales negotiator and progressor. Not to mention, full access to your own online portal that keeps you at the forefront of your house sale. Your online dashboard gives you access to viewings, offers and all queries in regards to your property. For further information on what each package includes, click here.

    3. Provide Relevant Documents

    You will need to provide an EPC certificate (Energy Performance Certificate). This contains the information on your home’s energy use and determines how efficient your home is. It also lists recommendations on how you can reduce your energy consumption to improve on your numbers and the environment.
    This is a legal requirement that will be used to support your property listing. These certificates are usually provided every ten years, but if you don’t already have one, we can assist you in getting one.

    4. Get Your Property Ready

    To give the best first impressions within your professional photography, you must prepare your home. By decluttering, getting those odd DIY jobs finished, showcasing your home’s appealing features and giving it an overall deep clean, your imagery will look fantastic.
    We ask that you don’t stop your efforts there; ensuring that you keep this excellent impression consistent is vital during viewings too. Getting rid of any bad odours, replacing offensive wall art and refreshing your home with a clean and some lovely scents before each viewing will help house buyers to picture themselves living there; you want to sell them the dream after all.
    It has been known that baking, lighting a fire, allocating air fresheners around the house and even turning on your heating during the colder months can entice viewers. We allow potential buyers to leave feedback after their viewings so that you can take this advice on board for future visits. Head over to our ‘How to Present Your Home’ blog for a closer look into preparing for home visits.

    5. Receiving an Offer

    Yay! You’ve received an offer! Now the excitement begins. But first, we must ensure that you are happy with the offer being given. Are you willing to accept the offer? Or are you going to hang on for a better deal? Your assigned sales negotiator will help you manage these situations so that you are entirely happy with the outcome.
    Once you have found the best deal, you will formally accept, and then we will take your property off of the market. However, do not forget that accepting the offer isn’t legally binding- you still have time to change your mind. We do not recommend that you move on to accept a higher offer, nor do we like buyers who try to force down the prices.

    6. The Legal Stuff

    Now, it’s down to your sales progressor to take care of the legal requirements of a sale. They will transfer the ownership of the sale, as well as ensure that completion is met in good time. Our sales progressors are included within your package deal; this is not an additional charge.
    During this process, you will be required to fill out a variety of forms and questionnaires that will be provided by your progressor. These forms give the buyer key information about the property and sale; from any complaints involving neighbours to council tax.
    Also, forms outlining included fixtures and fittings will be provided. Dig out any warranties that you have which apply to the property prior. Finally, a form which spells out the arrangements of the handing over the property.

    8. House Contracts

    Until you exchange contracts, nothing is set in stone. This lengthy process can take up to anywhere between 6-8 weeks, and sometimes, even longer. We understand the frustration that comes hand in hand with this turnover, but we will do our best to chase it up as much as we can.
    One thing to take note of is that the buyer may ask for an independent house survey which could lead to them renegotiating the price if they find any problems with the property. Your progressor will keep you fully informed of this home inspection, and you will also be given this information through your online portal.

    9. It’s Time to Swap!

    Now that all paperwork is complete, it’s time to exchange the contracts now that they have been signed and both parties are happy with them. You are both now legally committed to the home sale. If the move doesn’t go ahead, either is susceptible to losing out on money.
    If you are part of a chain, your progressor will wait until every party in the chain is happy before proceeding. Once cleared, contracts will be exchanged, and a date for completion is agreed upon, which tends to be after another 7 to 28 days. Completion is when the property changes ownership.
    Lastly, you accept payment and hand over the keys. Your progressor pays off remaining mortgage fees and voila, its time that you begin moving!
    10. Moving Day Has Arrived
    The day has come! Be organised, book a few days off and begin your packing. Ensure that you book your removals in good time before the moving day because this will affect how much they charge.
    Cancel building insurance, provide final readings to utility companies and get in contact with banks, credit card companies and anyone else who needs to know about your change of address. Arrange for redirection of mail to your new address and then begin the moving process.
    The exciting part; donate to charity any unwanted items that you come across while packing, as well as making trips to the recycling centre for any other unneeded items to ensure that you aren’t bringing any unnecessary clutter over to your new home. Label all moving boxes to make it easier for you when you unpack in your new place, and ensure that you give your old home one last clean before vacating.
    Now, its time to say goodbye and start a new chapter! We hope that our step-by-step guide to selling your home has given you a clear insight into what to expect when selling and buying properties. Continue exploring our site for further information on how we can assist you during this exciting, but a daunting transition.
    We aim to provide our clients with a bespoke service that goes above and beyond so that they are given a stress-free, smooth transition.

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